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Never Gymless – Review

Cover Of Never Gymless Book

After 2 years of training with calisthenics, I could say that I was pretty good.

I was able to perform one arm push ups, pistols, and I had some endurance as well.

However, I was completely frustrated!

For the last 6 months, I was completely stuck!

I couldn’t go past 3 one arm push ups, I was stuck in 12 pull ups, and the list keeps going…

Not knowing what to do…

I started to read and apply different training programs and methods.

I tried to train more and harder, sleep more, and I even changed my diet.

All of these with little results to show for!

I had become even more frustrated than I previously was.

I was feeling like giving up training once and for all!


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How to Motivate Yourself In 5 Minutes or Less

You’ve been there:

The time of your workout has arrived.

But you didn’t feel like it.

You were left with two choices:

Train anyway, by pushing through the resistance.

Or worse…

Skip that workout.*


You know that being able to push through the resistance is an important aspect for achieving your fitness goals (and any goal in general), but what if you could easily bypass this resistance?