Growing stronger with calisthenics can be quite confusing…

But don’t worry!

Here’s where “All Things Strength” comes in!

Here you’ll find a simplified step-by-step approach on how to grow stronger just with bodyweight exercises.

The content in ATS is centered mostly around beginner and intermediate level calisthenics trainees but I’m confident you’ll find great value even if you’re advanced in bodyweight training.

What Other People Say 

“After following these particular instructions, I actually learned how to DO IT! I now can do five behind-the-back clap push ups in a row, REALLY helpful article.” ~ Elano

“I’ve always been afraid to try behind back clap push-ups; but with this progression I nailed it on the first time

I couldn’t be thankful enough” ~ Adam

About Me

When I started training I was far from being strong…

Other than living a sedentary lifestyle I was coming out of a very serious injury – I had broken my elbow and I was suffering from a bone infection).

This injury forced me to train very slowly and cautiously.

As a result I was able to develop a very simple step-by-step approach to bodyweight training that can be followed by anyone regardless of their training level.



My knowledge about calisthenics training comes from studying and (most importantly) from my own personal experience. 

With this website my goal is to help you become stronger by training with calisthenics exercises.