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How I Achieved The Freestanding Handstand

Long before I started training with calisthenics…

Long before I even knew what working out is…

There was a skill I wanted to achieve…

That skill was the handstand!

After many years of having this dream in the back of my mind…

This summer I finally nailed it!

Now I’m able to hold the handstand for 30s (or more) – at will.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the challenges I faced, the most stupid mistakes I did, and the process that helped me achieve the handstand.

All of these with the goal to help you achieve the free standing handstand.

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Doorway pull up bar

Doorway Pull Up Bar – Review

When I started training at home I had no equipment and so I had to buy a pull up bar.

Since I was, at that time, a complete beginner, I had no clew on what pull up bar I should buy.

I mostly wanted a doorway pull up bar, and, as such, I was between two options:

Option #1:

Doorway pull up barOption #2:

Doorway pull up bar

I went for option #1 at the time.

Now I own both of these pull up bars and I’ve used them for several years.

In this post, you’ll find a review of both of these bars and a comparison between the two.

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Pull up variations

50 Pull Up Variations For Muscle, Strength & Explosiveness

As you become more advanced with calisthenics, you’ll have to gradually add more variety into your training – otherwise your progress may stall.

But searching for new exercise variations to challenge yourself can be quite tiring.

For this reason, I decided to make a list of all the pull up variations I’m aware of.

Every time you’d like to test a different pull up variation, you can use this post as a reference guide.

More specifically,in this post, you’ll find 50 pull up variations that will help you:

  • Add more variety to your training – no more boring workouts
  • Build more muscle
  • Increase your strength
  • Become more explosive
  • Increase your grip strength
  • Develop more control

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