This page has only one purpose…

To gather all the calisthenics exercises in one place.


More specifically, here, you’ll find over 150 different calisthenics exercises for muscle, strength and explosiveness.

The exercises are divided based on the movement pattern (ie. push – pull) and the muscles they involve (ie. neck – legs).

So, without any further ado…

Here are the exercises…

The Exercises

The Ultimate List Of Push Up Variations

In this article, you’ll find 33 push-up variations.

The different push ups are divided into:

  • Regular push-ups  – for beginners and intermediates
  • Advanced push-ups – for intermediates to advanced
  • Push-ups for explosiveness
  • Push-ups for stronger hands

50 Pull-Up Variations for Muscle, Strength and Explosiveness

Here, you’ll discover 50 different pull-up variations.

The pull ups are divided into:

  • Variations for beginners
  • Variations for level 1 intermediates
  • Variations for level 2 intermediates
  • Variations for advanced trainnes
  • Variations for explosiveness
  • Variations for grip strength

These variations can help you build more muscle, become stronger and be faster and more explosive.

How To Develop Strong Legs With Calisthenics

Unlike the previous articles, this isn’t a list but a tutorial.

Here, you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve the pistol squat
  • How to achieve the shrimp squat
  • How to train for explosiveness
  • and more

The Ultimate List Of Bodyweight Core Exercises

In this post, you’ll find 61 bodyweight core exercises that will help you develop impressive core strength.

The exercises are divided into:

  • Exercises for the abs
  • Exercises for the obliques
  • Exercises for the lower back

Calisthenics For Neck Training

Coming Soon…

4 Pull-Up Alternatives to Do at Home

Sometimes you may not have access to a pull up bar.

If that’s the case, you can train with one of these pull up alternatives.

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