You’ve been there:

The time of your workout has arrived.

But you didn’t feel like it.

You were left with two choices:

Train anyway, by pushing through the resistance.

Or worse…

Skip that workout.*


You know that being able to push through the resistance is an important aspect for achieving your fitness goals (and any goal in general), but what if you could easily bypass this resistance?

What if instead of feeling resistance you felt motivated?

So motivated that you couldn’t wait to finally start working out?

Well, this is possible and in fact, it’s easier than you might think.


Before moving on, I want you to make a promise to me.

That you are going to try the method right away and demonstrate to yourself that it works!

This is really important.

Because this method is really simple, you may just skip it and never try it.

But just reading about the method isn’t going to help you become motivated.

You have to apply it!

Now, without further ado, let’s move on to the actual method…

Become Instantly Motivated at Any Moment – The Method

The “Instant Motivation Method”, as I call it, consists of 4 simple steps.

In the beginning, I suggest that you follow all of the 4 steps to get the full benefits of the method.

Later on, you can skip some of the steps and still get the same results.

So, let’s get started…

Instant Motivation – Step #1: Find A Video

Find a video with some advanced calisthenics moves, that you enjoy watching.

Preferably, the video shouldn’t be longer than 5 minutes. You’ll see later why.


I am sure that you have already watched training videos to become more motivated, however, this method goes a step further by having two main additions:

First, with this method, you are going to watch the video prior to your workout to pump yourself up and not during any time of the day.

Second, you aren’t going to just watch the video. You will have to perform certain actions.

Which leads us to step #2…

Instant Motivation – Step #2: Warm Up

As you start playing the video, begin to do some basic warm up exercises while you’re watching it.

Such exercises are:

If you are doing it right, you’ll already start to feel more pumped up and inclined to train.

If you do, you can continue warming up until the video is over or jump straight into your programmed workout.

If you don’t, go to step #3.

Instant Motivation – Step #3: Visualize

Continue to watch the video and while you are warming up imagine that you are the one performing the exercises seen on the video or that you are going to perform them after your warm up (whatever suits you best).

Instant Motivation – Step #4: Act

This the most important step.

After the video is over, you HAVE to work out.

Regardless of how you feel.

You may be inclined to watch one more motivational video.

Don’t do it.

Instead, start working out.

But Nick, what’s the point of using the method if I don’t get motivated?

There are sometimes that you may not feel motivated even after applying the method and that’s ok.

The whole point of using the method is to LEARN how to pump up yourself before your workouts.

Eventually, after using the method for a while, you’ll be able to motivate yourself very fast and even without the need of videos.

5 Calisthenics Videos For Instant Motivation

In this section, you are going to find 5 motivational training videos.

There are, of course, other motivational videos with some being more motivational than the ones on this list.

However, the point of this section is just to give you some training videos to get you started with the method and not to create a definite or “the best” list.

All of the videos are shorter than 5 minutes and are related to calisthenics training.

If your workout consists of heavy squats, deadlifts, etc., you should watch videos related to that exercises.

Motivational Video #1: Workout Motivation: Calisthenics & Bodyweight Training

Motivational Video #2: Street Workout Best Moments September 2016

Motivational Video #3: Meet The Russian Master Of Superhuman Bodyweight Workouts | Barstarzz Freestyle Calisthenics, Ep. 8

Motivational Video #4: Vladimir Sadkov, Russia, workout / Владимир Садков, Россия, воркаут

Motivational Video #5: Simonster: SUPERHUMAN WORKOUT

Now that the list is over.

Do you want to know the best part?

This method can become even more effective than it already is!

Modifications For Increased Motivation

Making this method more effective is in fact quite simple.

However, I wouldn’t  recommend you to apply any modifications if you haven’t applied the method successfully at least 10 times.

That way, you will know what modifications the method needs (if any).

So, far I have come out with three different ways to increase the effectiveness of the method, but they may be more.

Increased Motivation #1: Change The Music

Some of the videos on the above list may be very motivating in terms of the skills performed but their music may not fit your tastes.

This can be easily overcome by simply muting the video and putting on some music that helps you get pumped up (or no music at all).

The better the music the more pumped you will be.

If you want to, you can even re-edit the video and add your own music.

If you are already using music to your workouts, you can just mute the video and let the music play as usual.

Increased Motivation #2: Make Your Own Motivational Video

What if the music is fine but the video isn’t that good?

Meaning that there are some instances that you don’t like and in your opinion drop the quality of the video?

The best way to overcome this is by editing the video taking out the non-good moments or create your own video.

That’s a little more advanced and requires some extra effort, but if you are good at editing there is no reason not doing it.

Increased Motivation #3: Reinforcement

The last way isn’t going to increase your initial motivation, but it’s going to help you stay more focused and motivated during your actual workout.

Instead of watching the motivational video only in the beginning of your workout, you are also going to watch it during your workout.

Watch the video only when you switch exercises and not between every set.

Use the method for only 1 minute or less. I wouldn’t recommend watching for more than that.

If your break is longer than 1 minute, use the remaining time to visualize yourself performing the next exercise with perfect form.

Of course, this type of reinforcement can’t work with workouts that have small rest intervals (ie. circuit training).

Watch Out For These Common Mistakes!

Common mistakes to avoid

Even though the method is very simple, there are still some mistakes that may lead to a non-desired outcome.

Here are the most common ones.

Mistake #1: You are watching motivational videos for more than 5 minutes.

This is a very common mistake that I have fallen into and you have to be very mindful not to fall into this yourself.

After trying the method a few times, you might wonder:

Why watch only one short video and not a longer one or even more videos?

There are two reasons for which you shouldn’t do this:

First, the whole point of using this method is to motivate yourself FAST.

Secondly, and most importantly, watching more and longer videos is usually a way to distract yourself from training.

You don’t want that!

So, do your best to stick to short videos.

Mistake #2: You become overly excited

What’s the problem with being excited Nick?

The problem is that if you aren’t used to pumping yourself up prior to your workouts, you might feel inclined to try something that you aren’t ready for.

Stick to your workout.

Of course, there are times when becoming very pumped up is helpful, like when trying a new PR (eg. in AMRAP circuits).

But as far as strength training is concerned you should be more careful.

Mistake #3: You rely too much on the method

This method is just another tool to help you get through inner resistance and train more effectively.

There are times that this method won’t be enough and other tools (ie, habits, discipline, etc.) would have to be in place.

Take Action!

push ups

Remember the promise you made in the beginning?

You promised that you are going to test the method.

Why not do it right now?

In case you don’t remember, here’s the method in a nutshell:

Step #1: Find a video with advanced training moves.

Step #2: Play the video and start warming up while watching it.

Step #3: Imagine that you are the one performing the advanced feats.

Step #4: Perform 5-10 push ups or pull ups.

Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.



photos: Human flag, 27 push-ups later, Warrior push-up

* Skipping a workout may sometimes be necessary (eg. injury). Here, we are on the motivation part. If you have a serious health issue, it may be better to actually skip that workout.