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Cover Of Never Gymless Book

After 2 years of training with calisthenics, I could say that I was pretty good.

I was able to perform one arm push ups, pistols, and I had some endurance as well.

However, I was completely frustrated!

For the last 6 months, I was completely stuck!

I couldn’t go past 3 one arm push ups, I was stuck in 12 pull ups, and the list keeps going…

Not knowing what to do…

I started to read and apply different training programs and methods.

I tried to train more and harder, sleep more, and I even changed my diet.

All of these with little results to show for!

I had become even more frustrated than I previously was.

I was feeling like giving up training once and for all!

Fortunately, I finally found out some solid advice and I started to get the first results after 4 more months of trial and error — and tons of frustration.

Then, I made a decision that changed my training completely.

After just 3 months I had achieved:

  • The Dragon flag
  • 17 pull ups – 5 more than before
  • 10 OAPU – 7 more than before
  • The behind-the-back clap push ups
  • I even put on 11 pounds ( 5 kg) of muscle! – I used to be very skinny.

What kind of decision was that?

Well… you’ve probably guessed it.

I bought Never Gymless.

Never Gymless helped me recognize and avoid all the mistakes I was making.

It also introduced me to new training concepts that helped me achieve my goals a lot faster.

I wish I knew about this book when I first started!

It would have saved me a lot of frustration, and wasted time and energy.

But what exactly is Never Gymless?


In short, Never Gymless is a book focused on helping you become stronger, faster and better conditioned by using calisthenics exercises.

The concepts discussed inside the book are backed up by science and have been successfully applied by Ross Enamait (the author) and many others (click here to read some testimonials).

In this review, I’ll briefly describe to you the contents of each chapter.

This way you’ll know if this book will help you achieve your goals any faster.

Introduction & The Basics

Never Gymless Introduction

In the first 2 chapters of the books, you’ll be introduced to Ross and, most importantly, you’ll see how calisthenics compare to other training methods (like weight lifting).

The really good stuff starts in the 3rd chapter.

More specifically, in the 3rd chapter, you’ll discover:

  • 4 simple and easy ways to add variety into your workouts. – This will help you break through your training plateaus and grow stronger.
  • Why you shouldn’t take extended breaks from training. – Your deload weeks will never be the same after reading this. 
  • Your Fitness Profile: You can use this simple “method” to choose which training plan is best for you.
  • The ‘dangers’ of training for brute strength only and how to avoid them.
  • And more

4th Chapter: Pulling Strength and Power

Never Gymless - Clapping Pull Ups

Ross demonstrates the clapping pull up.

In the 4th chapter, you’ll learn how to increase your pulling strength and power.

Specifically, here you’re going to find out:

  • How to finally do your first pull ups – In case you can’t already.
  • How to do more pull ups
  • A sample training plan to help you achieve the one arm pull up
  • 8 different equipment options for performing pull ups. – Plus a pull up alternative.
  • Pull up modifications to get a stronger grip
  • and much more

5th Chapter: Pushing Strength and Power

Never Gymless - One Arm Hindu Push Ups

The One Arm Hindu Push Up: one of the advanced One Arm Push Up variations covered within Never Gymless.

Here you’re going to learn:

  • 4 supplemental push up variations to strengthen your triceps. – These will help you achieve the one arm push up.
  • 9 advanced one arm push up variations. – These will help you grow even stronger once you’ve achieved the one arm push up.
  • 7 explosive push up variations
  • And much more…

“After reading this chapter, you will understand that you do not need to bench press to develop a powerful, explosive upper body.” *

6th Chapter: Lower Body Strength and Power

Never Gymless- Glute Ham Raise

Ross demonstrates the infamous glute ham raise.

In the 6th chapter of Never Gymless, you’re going to learn how to strengthen your legs with calisthenics exercises.

Particularly, some of the things you’re going to learn are:

  • How to do pistol squats
  • How to develop a strong posterior chain using bodyweight exercises
  • A simple training plan to jump higher
  • And much more…

7th Chapter: Isometrics

Behind the back clap push up

I achieved the Behind-the-back Clap Push up using the Static-Dynamic protocol.

In the 7th chapter of Never Gymless, you’ll learn how to use isometrics to become stronger.

Specifically, you’ll find out:

  • Why isometrics are one of the most effective training tools to develop brute strength.
  • The Static-Dynamic Protocol: How to easily increase your explosiveness. – This simple “trick” helped me achieve the behind-the-back clap push ups.
  • How to break through your sticking points with short isometric workouts – that take 10 minutes or less.

8th Chapter: A Powerful Core

Never Gymless - Wheel Roll Out

Ross demonstrates the “almost impossible” one arm wheel roll out.

“If you have never trained the core before, be prepared to unlock a treasure chest full of strength” *

Here you’re gonna learn how to strengthen your core effectively.

Specifically, you’ll find out:

  • A simple tweak to turn the crunch into an effective core exercise.
  • A complete tutorial on how to achieve the standing wheel roll out. – This is how I achieved it.
  • How to achieve the one arm wheel roll out. – “When you can perform this exercise, you will have achieved a level of strength that most people will only dream about.” *
  • 28 core exercises to keep you challenged

You will also get answers to questions like:

  • How many days per week should I train my core?
  • How many sets should I perform?
  • Should I train the core with low or high repetitions?
  • And much more…

9th Chapter: Conditioning is King

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all” Vince Lombardi*
 In this brief chapter, you’ll find out a simple system that will help you:
  • Lose fat without having to do lengthy cardio. – Some of these workouts require only 10 minutes.
  • Increase your endurance and conditioning without losing strength or muscle mass. – Train like this and you’ll never run out of gas again.
  • Develop an unstoppable mindset.
  • And much more

10th Chapter: Nutrition

Is the food you’re eating healthy?

Well… It’s probably not as healthy as you think it is!

Read this chapter and find out:

  • How the food industry tries to deceive you and what to do about it.
  • The healthiest foods available and where to find them.
  • How to eat healthy even if you’re on a budget.
  • and much more

11th Chapter: Program Design

“There are no shortcuts to the top” *

In the last chapter of Never Gymless, you’ll learn how to put everything together into a cohesive training plan.

More specifically, you’ll find:

  • 25 calisthenics workouts and how to create your own.
  • 4 training programs and how to modify them according to your needs.- This will help you achieve your goals a lot faster.

This is by far my favorite chapter.

Despite how many years have passed, I still get a lot of value out of it.

For Who Never Gymless Is

Based on my experience, I could say that the book is great for:

  • Beginners who want to get started with calisthenics.
  • People who want to lose fat without going to the gym.
  • People who want to get stronger and build muscle without the need of equipment.
  • Intermediate trainees who want to reach the next level.

And most importantly:

  • Those who want to train with proven training methods without having to do any guesswork regarding the effectiveness of their plans.

For Who Never Gymless Isn’t

Despite the great value Never Gymless offers, it’s still not for everyone.

Particularly, this book isn’t for:

  • Those who are looking for a “magic system” or a quick fix without doing any hard work.
  • Those who are mostly interested in achieving gymnastics skills. – Never Gymless doesn’t have information related to that.
  • Those who are interested in building lots of muscle. – While Never Gymless will help you build muscle, if your sole interest is this, there are other better options.
  • Those who have already reached an advanced level in bodyweight training. -ie. Those who can already perform feats like one arm chin ups. – You could still find helpful information but if you achieved such a level, you’re probably aware of most concepts inside Never Gymless.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what Never Gymless is all about, you might be wondering:

How much does Never Gymless cost?

If you’ve read all the way through, you’ve probably thinking that this book will be quite expensive.

After all, there are training programs and courses that cost up to 50 bucks without offering half the information and value Never Gymless does.

Fortunately, Never Gymless isn’t that expensive.

In fact, it’s quite cheap for the value it offers.

It costs a little more that 10 bucks.

It costs 11,95$ only!

To put that in perspective… 

A US citizen is spending on average 2.8 $ on a coffee cup.

So, the question you have to consider is this:

Would you invest the price of 4 coffee cups to achieve your goals?

If yes, you can buy the book here: Never Gymless

Seeing how much this book helped me, I can easily say that it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made (if not the best).

Keep in mind, that I when I bought Never Gymless (in 2012), there wasn’t a digital version available for it.

So, I had to pay around 40 bucks to get it (S&H included).

~ Nick


* Cited From Never Gymless

** I tried to be as subjective as I could during this review. However keep in mind that I am a big fan of Ross and this is one of my favorite resources. Consider also that I am an affiliate for this product. For more info about that, please read the Disclaimer.

*** This review is based on the print version I purchased during 2012. I don’t know if Ross has made any changes to the content since then.