Not sure how to get started with calisthenics?

Don’t worry!

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to grow strong using nothing but your own body!

Beginner Calisthenics

How To Start Training With Calisthenics
The Right Way

When you start out, the most important thing you should do is develop a strong foundation.

If you develop a strong foundation successfully, then you’ll progress to advanced movements faster and more safely.

If you don’t put the necessary time into building your foundation, then your progress will most likely stall and, even worse, you risk getting injured.

Now, you may be wondering…

What’s a strong calisthenics foundation?


It’s the mastery of the basic bodyweight movements. In short:

  • 30 consecutive push-ups
  • 5 consecutive pull-ups
  • 50 consecutive squats
  • 1 min hollow body hold
  • 1 min reverse hollow body hold
  • 2 min dead-hang hold

The resources below will help you master the basics in 3-4 months, or less (depending on your current training level).

Beginner Calisthenics Training Resources

#1: Should You Train With Calisthenics
Or Weight Lifting?

Both calisthenics and weightlifting are effective. The question is…

With which should you train with?

Check out this post and find out the benefits and drawbacks of both methods.

#2: Do You Make These Mistakes
When Training With Calisthenics?

In this article, you’re gonna find the 6 most common mistakes beginners make when they start training with calisthenics and how to avoid them.

#3: The Best Core Exercises For Beginners

If you want to achieve advanced calisthenics skills, a strong core is a MUST.

In this article, you’ll discover the most useful core exercises for beginners.

#4: Beginner Bodyweight Training Plan
– Building The Foundation

This is the actual beginner’s calisthenics training plan.

Here, everything is put together for you.

All you have to do is follow the progressions and do the workouts.

In less than 4 months, you’ll be ready to train with more advanced moves.

#5: The Simplest Way To Track Your Progress

You can’t measure your progress effectively if you don’t keep track of it.

Here, you’ll learn a simple way to keep track of your workouts.

#6: How To Train When You Have Limited Time

All of us lead a busy life.

However, some of us have a very hectic schedule too.

For this reason, I wrote an article for those who can’t find the time to train.

If you’re very busy, you’ll love this one.

#7: Never Gymless – Review

Never Gymless is the most helpful book I’ve read…

And it’s great for beginners!

Click here and find out how Never Gymless can help you achieve your goals faster.

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